Tuesday, February 14, 2006

George Weigel on the pope's first encyclical

The Denver Catholic Register recently ran this column by noted Catholic author George Weigel in which he comments on Pope Benedict XVI's first encyclical, Deus Caritas Est ("God is Love").

Here is an excerpt:

The text is classic Joseph Ratzinger: a master theologian, weaving together materials from the Bible and two millennia of Christian reflection to teach the basic truths of Catholic faith. The subject matter is also classic Ratzinger. Those who bought the cartoon of “God’s Rottweiler” might have imagined a first encyclical entitled “No You Don’t.” The real Ratzinger, the real Benedict XVI, wrote something quite different: an encyclical of affirmation, an invitation to ponder more deeply and live more completely “the heart of the Christian faith” — the claim that God is love.

Two locally written articles on the pope's new encyclical also recently ran in The Criterion. Go here to read the first and here to read the second.

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