Friday, February 17, 2006

Listen to Criterion stories

Today another new feature was launched on The Criterion Onlne Edition which is meant to go hand-in-hand with the beginning of our podcast.

Readers may now listen to selected Criterion stories each week -- and may either do so on their computer or download them as an mp3 to listen to on an mp3 player, such as an iPod.

Because of our small staff, it is simply not possible to record everything that appears in print, but we are able to offer a few stories each week, along with the editorial and the column of the Archbishop.

While I read the text of the editorials, the rest of the stories (including the archbishop's column) are read the the actual authors, which I think brings some variety to it.

Here is this week's selection (each is between 1 and 2 MB):

Bereavement specialist says help grieving people by listening

Growing in faith: Hundreds of archdiocesan Scouts receive religious awards

Editorial: We are called to be stewards of joy

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