Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Meet your bloggers

As this blog launches, there will be five of us posting on the site. Feel free to contact any of us using the information on our Criterion staff page.
We are:

Brandon A. Evans - the online editor of The Criterion, website manager for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and the moderator of this blog. He's worked with the newspaper since May 2001.

Sean Gallagher - reporter at The Criterion. Sean has been with the paper for the past few years and focuses on vocations stories, religious education and special features.

Michael Krokos - editor of The Criterion. He started at the beginning of 2006, and prior to that has served as editor at Catholic papers in Minneapolis and on the east coast.

Mary Ann Wyand - senior reporter at The Criterion. She's been with the newspaper for more than 15 years, and written about every topic we cover. Mary Ann has especially focused her stories on the pro-life movement, family life and multicultural ministry.

Greg Otolski - executive director for the Secretariat of Communications. Greg has served for several years as editor of the paper before moving into a new role which includes being the associate publisher of paper.

This amounts to nearly the entire editorial staff of The Criterion -- and more bloggers may be added in the future!