Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ground Rules

This blog is intended to be both a source of information and type of public square for people to share their opinions. It is also operated by the communications office of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, and as such, there are some ground rules.

Namely, all comments submitted will be sent to the online editor (myself) for review before they are published. I will try to publish comments as quickly as possible on weekdays and several times over the weekend.

Any comments must conform to the same policy as letters to the editor in the print edition our newspaper. That policy is as such: Comments from readers are welcome and should be informed, relevant, well-expressed, concise, temperate in tone, courteous and respectful. The online editor reserves the right to select and edit the comments based on space limitations, pastoral sensitivity and content.

Wherever there is the genuine possibility of debate and discussion that can bear fruit it will certainly be allowed to flourish.

I ask that you include your name with your comments -- or at the very least use a consistent nickname so that readers can identify you if you become a regular poster.
Normally, we will post most heavily from Monday to Thursday each week.