Monday, January 23, 2006

An archbishop with a podcast?

Well...sort of.

Each week, Archbishop Daniel M. Buechlein pens a new column that is published (in English and Spanish) in our print edition. "Seeking the Face of the Lord" is consistently one of the most read portions of both our print and online editions.

One of the features that we added to our online edition was the ability to actually download and listen to the archbishop reading each of his columns. He makes the recording for our local Catholic radio station, 97.1 FM, and after they are aired on the weekends I publish them on our site (usually on Mondays).

Click here to go check out the homepage for the archbishop's columns, and check back regularly to see what is added.

This past week, Archbishop Buechlein gave thanks for those who volunteer in the Church, and led into his comments by mentioning a very odd piece of Catholic paraphernalia that someone recently gifted him with.

Listen to it here:

MP3 file (approx. 2 MB)

Real Player file (approx. 1 MB)


kieron said...

Thanks for publishing the link!

You might want to check the volume...I had to turn mine up all the way, and it was still too low...

Brandon A. Evans said...

The volume is a bit low on most of them. I'll see what I can do in the future to make it louder.