Saturday, January 14, 2006

Papal address to the Curia

Pope Benedict XVI addressed the Roman Curia at the Vatican on December 22 -- it's an address that covers not only the topics of World Youth Day and the Synod of Bishops from this past fall, but also looked at the Second Vatican Council and the first 40 years of its implementation.

The talk itself is rich and splendidly written; I'd recommend anyone interested in how the mind of this pope works go check it out. It shows the mind of a theologian who is thoughtfully reflecting on the challenges of the Council and the years that followed it. Also, anyone who followed the events of World Youth Day, or of the Synod that closed the Year of the Eucharist, would benefit from giving this address a read.

Also, George Weigel -- who spoke here in our diocese this fall -- writes in his column about this papal address and what it shows about how we are to understand the reforms of Vatican II. You can read his column here, courtesy of the Archdiocese of Denver.

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