Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Preview our January 20 issue

Each week The Criterion is printed and delivered to our offices by Wednesday morning. At the same time, it is sent out in the mail to our subscribers -- and usually arrives on Friday or Saturday.

This week's edition is out the door, and contains not only our regular features and stories from Catholic News Service, but also several local stories -- ranging from the charitable work of deacon candidates to the work of the Indiana Catholic Conference.

Click on the picture to the right (or here) to be taken to our full listing of what's in this week's edition.

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Anonymous said...

About the article on Childlessness by Cornucopia, it is said that some couples decide not to have children for selfish reasons. However, I thought you could have mentioned that sometimes God doesn't send some couples children. It may not be our choice but his. I felt bad about being childless after reading this article. I am not choosing to use fertility means to get preganant since that is agains God's plan as well as the church. So, now I feel that my husband and I are seen as selfish since we don' have any children and that isn't really the case. When we were first married we were in our 30's and thought we should wait a few years using NFP. Now, we just are not getting pregnant. I am OK with that since maybe that is God's plan. However, after reading this article I feel other Catholics look badly at us since we have no children.